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EDIT:; Soooo, apparently Join.Me just wants to crash my computer atm. Sorry, guys xP But! If you still wanna see it, then I'll be posting up a speedpaint for it instead...assume that program works for me.

Gonna be working on coloring a ranking up pic for Dustkit and was hoping for some company ^^
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The Sky's Awake... by Lezbowolf95
The Sky's Awake...
"So, I'm awake. So get the F--- up, Duckkit!"

Based on an rp that is still going on, these two siblings are at a bit of a disagreement. It's late at night and Dustkit wants to play. Duckkit not so much. Dustkit is trying hard to get him up, but it isnt going too well.

It was late at night and regardless of the fact that everyone in the nursery was still asleep, Dustkit was not one of them. Whiskers twitching with frustration, the tom kit cuddled further into hi mother's pelt but as it had in the last hour, it did nothing to help him sleep. He didn't understand as to why he couldn't sleep but he was as awake as if the sun was still shining. So, ridden with boredom, Dustkit decided to add some company. Carefully crawling over his siblings, the brown-furred tom stopped at his brother's side before purposely jumping on top of him. "Duckkit, wake up," he whispered sharply, loud enough to reach his brother but not so loud as to wake the others.
Duckkit woke up from his hazy dream the second his brother pounced on him, his navy blue eyes snapping open and loud squeak escaping his jaws. At first he was confused and scared by the sudden weight on his back before Dustkit made his ears tickle when he leaned down to whisper to him, and the tom-kit recognized that voice immediately. He slumped down, burying his face back into the warm fur of his mother. "Dustkit, I'm not waking up. It's still dark out." Duckkit yawned loudly to prove his point- obviously he wasn't as careful to be quiet at night as his brother was. "You should go to sleep too. It's almost like you never sleep."
It was a bit of a prideful thing when he heard the shocked squeak that left his brother's throat, grinning faintly to himself. He always found it impressive when he managed to startle others. Anyone should be impressed by that. But, that moment when Duckkit instantly turned him down, refusing to 'wake up', he felt that sense of pride dwindle down. So what if it was still dark out? Frowning, his whiskers quivering faintly with a slight air of irritation, Dustkit nipped at his brother's ear a bit roughly, trying to urge him up. "If I wanted to go to sleep, then I would have. But, I don't, so I won't. And, neithe'h will you," he retorted, climbing fully on top of the top before sitting down on him, purposely wiggling on the small tom to keep him up. "Come on, I'm bowed. I wanna go out and play in the da'k."
Duckkit let out another squeak as Dustkit sat on him, wriggling about like some sort of annoying worm on his back. A heavy, loud, bothersome worm. The little tom-kit tried to be stubborn as always and just bury his face in Fallenriver's warm pelt, just fall back asleep to show his littermate he was not going to give in. But after a few minutes of Dustkit's persistent mewling, Duckkit was already growing soft and was just about to say 'fine' when he felt a nip on his ear. He let out a sharp squeak, but this was much more pained and loud than the others, and he turned around to bat at Dustkit's face. "That hurt!" He mewed, though the sudden pain had dulled to nothing by now. "I'll go an play if you promise not to bite my ear, okay?"
Dustkit hardly flinched at the louder, sharper squeak that he received from the rough nip, only pulling back faintly before his brother rolled around, batting at his muzzle. The tom quickly pulled back at that, shaking his head for a moment at the small sting of pain that came with the hard hit on his muzzle. "Stop being such a baby kit," he growled, his nose twitching before a small sneeze left him, the bat to his muzzle having irritated his airways. "Okay, okay, fine...I won't bite yo'h ea'h," he promised, sitting next to his brother before he bent over and nipped instead at his shoulder, quietly laughing as he bounded away from Duckkit and towards the entrance. "But, you nev'ah said anything about yo'h should'ah!"
The kitten held back another squeak as his shoulder started stinging from the hard nip. Instead, Duckkit forced himself to his paws. "Dustkit!" He wailed, "Get back here!" But very quickly, his still half-asleep body and weak shoulder caused him to face plant into the ground. He lay there, too tired to get up never mind chase his brother around, or go outside where it was dark and cold. He just wanted to lay there, get comfortable, and go back to sleep. "I'm gonna go to sleep, okay?" Duckkit called out to Dustkit before a large yawn escaped his jaws again and he began to drift off.
As the small, mottled tom stood as if he was going to chase after him, Dustkit felt a thrill of excitement course through his small, brown-furred form. But, when the tom only fell onto his face...well, he couldn't say he was disappointed by that. Snorting quietly with a stifled laugh, Dustkit watched with excitement as he waited for Duckkit to get back up...and he waited...and waited. It never came, though, as instead his brother claimed to go back to sleep. "Hey," he harshly called in a whisper, his small stump of a tail thrashing from one side to the other with irritation as he quickly padded up to Duckkit. He roughly poked and prodded at Duckkit's muzzle and shoulders, not at all happy with this outcome. "Hey, you said you'd play if I pwomised. I pwomised, so you have to play!"

Art and Dustkit: :iconlezbowolf95:
Duckkit by: :iconmoonshinekit:
Group: :iconthe-six-clans:
EDIT:; Soooo, apparently Join.Me just wants to crash my computer atm. Sorry, guys xP But! If you still wanna see it, then I'll be posting up a speedpaint for it instead...assume that program works for me.

Gonna be working on coloring a ranking up pic for Dustkit and was hoping for some company ^^
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Lovey-DOVEy Friends by Lezbowolf95
Lovey-DOVEy Friends
So, for the record everyone, this is my first time actually drawing birds. And they aren't horrible!  Masato Inohara (Dance) [V2] 

I'm actually really happy with how these two cuties came out <3

Though, I'm honestly not sure if I got the size comparisons right. >< I know Corundums are bigger, but wasn't sure how much bigger soooo, yeah.

Anyways! these are my two Cookie Dove cuties. The lovely, dorky lad who thinks his friend is a perch is Dulce, the Candy Corn Cupcake Dove. On the bottom, the pretty girl humoring her friend is sweet little not so little Brulee, the Neapolitan Cake with Strawberries and Chocolate. These two are always playing around and I swear to God are impossible to separate. Where one goes, the other follows. Of course, Dulce is usually the one to drag the two off into some sort of trouble. Just the other day he managed to get into my flour container. Yeah, that was fun to clean up. Still love the two dorks, though! :heart:

Art by :iconlezbowolf95:
Cookie Doves and Original Designs by :iconxaerisx:
What am I doing? What /am/ i doing?

Ha! I don't know. What am I?

Just circles. That's all I'm running around in. Circle after circle. Im not getting anywhere. Everyone I know has plans, has an idea of what they're gonna do.

Me? I can't even figure out what I'm gonna do in the next week. 

My life. Its all a joke. I'm going here then over there, then crawling back here. I don't know what I'm doing. 

And, even if I figure it out, what then, huh? 

What's the point? I don't know. There is no point. We die and we're forgotten. Ha! Just like that! Poof, gone. A handful of people are remembered through time but us?

no, the rest of us, to the world. We're nothing. Ha ha! Nothing. Just groups of people. After we die and after our friends and the remaining family die we're forgotten. No one will miss us then. So, why bother with all of this extra stuff?

No point. Hardly any point. So, what am I doing? What am I gonna do?

i don't know. I don't know any more.
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Dispenser Results for Oppixie by Lezbowolf95
Dispenser Results for Oppixie
Look what came rolling out to see ya! Definitely a keeper there. 

For :iconoppixie:

Art, Design, and Species by :iconlezbowolf95:


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