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i havent played this game for years, but decided what the hell why not. So, for anyone else that has the game, I'm currently online Feralheart. My user name is kovu_fangirl95, so come find me!


Berrycloud WIP by Lezbowolf95
Berrycloud WIP

- I D E N T I F I C A T I O N -

Name : Berrycloud

Name Meaning :
Berry - In honor of his mother's previous mentor, mate, and dearest friend, Hawkberry.

Cloud - For his long, fluffy pelt and his soft, gentle disposition

Previous Names : Berrykit Berrypaw

Informal: Berry, Valleyclan Warrior, Fluffy

Gender : Tom Male

Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual

Age : 37 Moons

Season of Birth : Early Leaf Bare

Belief in StarClan :


Although he doesn't believe that Starclan has unlimited power, he is sure they exist and that they are always watching over them even during these dark times.


 - A P P E A R A N C E -

Brief Description : A large, broad-shouldered brown tom with a striped backside, white marked chest and bright yellow-green eyes.

Fur Length : Long

Fur Texture : Thick, but soft

Body Type : Large and stocky

Scars : {Forgotten on visual ref, but will be added soon} A pair of thin claw marks that cross over his left cheek.


- C L A N , I N F O R M A T I O N -

Current Traveling Group / Partner (s) : Valleyclan / Hawkberry and Twostar

Former Clan : Valleyclan

Rank : Warrior

Previous Mentor(s) : TBD

Apprentice : None

Previous Apprentice(s) : N/A


- S T A T S   I N F O R M A T I O N -
        ● - has experience with
Strength : ●●●●○
Speed : ●●○○○
Wisdom : ●○○○○
Scenting : ●●○○○
Hunting : ●●○○○
Endurance : ●○○○○
Tactics : ●●○○○
Herbal Knowledge : ●●○○○
Kittening Knowledge : ●○○○○
Prophecy Decoding : ○○○○○
Belief in StarClan : ●●●●○


- P E R S O N A L I T Y -

{ Caring&&Protective  | Optimistic&&Enthusiastic  | Loyal&&Dedicated | Gentle | Forgiving 
{ Absentminded&&Clueless  | Jokster | Tough }
{ Hesitant  | Impulsive | Passive | Dependant}


- S E X U A L I T Y -

Looking for : Unsure at the moment.

Orientation : Heterosexual

Likes : Loving and caring natures, light fur, amber or hazel eyes, smaller than him, and short fur.

Dislikes : Mean, selfish she-cats; unkept fur, bad tempered, and those who do not wish to have kits.

Attracted to Currently : No one


- H I S T O R Y -

In the early moons of Leaf Bare, Berrykit was born alongside his three older siblings to Mudstep, a proud warrior of Valleyclan, and Hawkberry, the clan's Medicine Cat. Berrykit was small compared to his siblings, and he had been a source of concern for the secret parents, but that worry came to pass and was placed onto his older brother, Snakekit. The dark tom had seemed perfectly fine at the time of his birth, but as the days passed his health diminished bit by bit until he passed into Starclan. The three siblings hardly knew anything of this, too young to understand and hardly knowing their brother as it was and he was passed down by words of their mother.

To the clan, the three kits were nothing but the result of a hurried relationship between Mudstep and a passing rogue, the tale one that the queen retold each time she was inquired on it. She had offered few details on this rogue and gave him no name, but he became the story everyone came to believe, even Berrykit and his siblings. As they grew, Berrykit questioned little on his father, not caring so much of the mysterious tom's absence. He was content with the family he had; two siblings to play with, a mother that loved and cared for them, and a medicine cat that acted as the father he never knew.

Hawkberry had always been close to the family, having been best friends with Berrykit's mother since she had been an apprentice. The large tom always seemed to be around for more than just check ups, treating the three kits like a father; completely unaware that the tom was in fact their father. They all treated Hawkberry like a father, regardless.

Growing under the care of their mother and the watchful eye of her dearest friend, Berrykit and his two older siblings were soon ready to become apprentices, each one eager to prove their worth. But, neither Poppykit nor Flamekit were as eager or as determined as Berrykit to prove themselves.

The day of their apprenticeship ceremony was a day the young tom would never forget, the first step for the trio to becoming Warriors! But, their new title wasn't the only thing they were gifted with. In the middle of the night, Mudstep came to him and his siblings, pulling them out of their new den and sneaking them out of the clan's camp with the promise of meeting their father. Berrypaw, of course, was shocked when they finally came into the clearing, only to see Hawkberry, the tom that had helped care for them from the very beginning.

It was a long night of explaining and swears to Starclan they would never reveal the true nature of Mudstep and Hawkberry's relationship or of their heritage. Berrypaw saw no wrong in this, and was glad more than anything that their father had been the one they had already considered as a father figure.

The moons slowly passed, Berrypaw training and growing along side his siblings, who were both growing smaller in statute with each passing day. Berrypaw had always been considered the 'runt' of the litter, having been so small and fragile as a kit, but his size and strength were growing faster than anyone would have believed. The young tom couldn't have ask for more, but nothing lasts forever.

After his mentor had injured their paw on a border patrol the day before, Mudstep kindly offered to take up Berrypaw's training until they had healed. It had been a nice thought to have his mother close by again, but the she-cat wasn't any less strict with him than his mentor. The first day of training from her went without a catch, and on the second the two were taking a hunting lesson close to one of the borders. It had rained horribly the night before, nothing that would damage the camp, but some areas were far worse for wear, such as the rigid they found themselves walking on.

Berrypaw was hesitant on taking such a path, but he followed Mudstep regardless, the two prowled about, searching for any prey that could have been lurking about before the earth beneath them both gave way, the rain having softened it too much to hold them.


- C O N N E C T I O N S -

Mate : None

Previous Mates : N/A

Offspring : N/A

Parents : Mudstep {Deceased} && Hawkberry

Siblings : Snakekit {Deceased}, Poppybreeze, and Flametail.

Interested in : No one

Relationship Chart : TBA


- O T H E R -

Likes : Sun bathing, playing with kits, being there for others, the smell of rain, shrews, getting someone to smile

Dislikes : Mean-spirited cats, getting wet, being reminded of his lack of intelligence and insight, bees and wasps, fish.

Fears : Not being good enough, of losing someone close to him, and bees and wasps.

Goals : To be the warrior his mother was and to protect those he loves and cares for.


- R O L E P L A Y S A M P L E -


- C O N T A C T -

Roleplay availability:
-Skype: Common/Preferred
-Chats: Unused
-Notes: Common
-Comments: Unused

Art © Lezbowolf95 
App © Celestial-Chronicler
Group © Beyond-The-Shore
i havent played this game for years, but decided what the hell why not. So, for anyone else that has the game, I'm currently online Feralheart. My user name is kovu_fangirl95, so come find me!
Egg Adopt Hatched! by Lezbowolf95
Egg Adopt Hatched!
For :iconhippygirl212:


I'm so sorry this took so long. But i hope you enjoy your dragon regardless.

Design, Art by: :iconlezbowolf95:
Hey, guys. Long time no see, huh? Well, we can start with the news and long over due update on my health. I had a tumor attached to my uterus which had been causing me a bunch of problems in the last month. I did have it successfully removed, though, and I hope to get back into things, but I can't entirely promise anything. With everything that has been going on my family has been put into a rather tight situation regarding money, meaning I have to find a better job to hopefully help them. I will try to get back into rps and all of that, but I can't guarantee anything. But, regardless, it's good to be back ^^

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